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 Want to Make.

Run Your Own Delivery Service. 

No Middle Man. You're in Charge.

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Drivers Set Delivery Fees. Keep 100% of What You Earn. 

At Delivery Matrix, we are committed to enabling drivers to set up and grow their own delivery service. That's why we directly connect drivers and restaurants for order delivery. Putting the power of order delivery back in drivers hands. 


Members Only App. Driver Membership is Free.

We are making sure there is more money for drivers on every delivery order.  Our membership model is affordable for restaurants vs. the inflated commission and order fees they pay today. This leaves more money on the table for delivery. 

Get Everything Needed to Grow a Successful Delivery Service.

Our technology app is being built to give drivers everything needed to start and grow a delivery service. The driver app dashboard is easy to use and a powerful tool to success.  

No Middle Man. You're in Charge. 



No Middle Man. Easy Set Up. Connect to Restaurants.

  • Free membership for drivers.

  • State-of-the-art routing and delivery app .

  • 24/7 driver support.

  • Drivers connect directly to restaurants for delivery orders.

  • Supports part-time or full time.

  • Easy to use driver dashboard to help manage earnings.

  • Access to integrated banking, tax and insurance services.

  • Discounts on fuel and auto services

No Middle Man. You're in Charge.



We are a team of passionate foodies who love the convenience of food delivery. We have years of restaurant and food service delivery experience. We also have delivery drivers on our design team. Our belief is that drivers should be able to grow their own delivery service.  Also, enjoy all the benefits of being a part-time or full time business owner. 


Our team is developing a state of the app that is built for delivery drivers to easily set up and run their own restaurant food delivery service. We're making sure the power of delivery is in the hands of drivers.

We're here for you!

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No Middle Man. You're in Charge.

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